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  • I had problems in IELTS writing but because of techniques taught by Shanta Sir, I got 7 band scale in writing and overall 7.5 band scale . Thanks to Shanta Sir & The IMPACT .

  • I got overall 6.5 in IELTS in 2015 . I had very less time to prepare .So ,I took one to one class and with the tips taught by Shanta Sir in The IMPACT, now I ready to immigrate to Canada.

  • I completed my IELTS with overall band scale of 6.5 because of The IMPACT and teaching methods of Shanta Sir and now I am studying Software Engineering in Australia.

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  • I got overall 7.5 band scale in IELTS and now I am waiting for my visa to migrate to USA .Thanks to the one to one class by Shanta Sir in The IMPACT . He has got required knowledge experience and certifications to give proper guidance.

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