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Corporate Training Classes, Corporate Training Classes Faridabad | The Impact
Now we also run classes in Greater Faridabad near BPTP Contact us at- 0129 4323253, 9643060423 for demo classes.


The IMPACT, Faridabad is the best institute for Spoken English classes, IELTS training, Speaking courses, Personality development, Interview & GD, Email writing, Presentation , Communication etc.   In-house / In-class Corporate training classes by The IMPACT Business / Professional / Corporate communication*: Duration: 40-60 hrs. Fee: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Professional English grammar
  • Professional English vocabulary
  • Socializing skills
  • Telephone handling skills
  • Impactful presentation
  • Impactful Business writing
  • Meeting handling skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Inter-cultural communication
* you can take up a complete package or you can do each course separately PERSONAL SKILLS; Duration: 10 to 12 hrs. Per session: 1 to 1.5 hrs. (depends on no. of students); Fee: Rs.6,000/-
  • Self-awareness & Self esteem
  • Know others & have a positive attitude
  • Setting your goals right
  • Manage your time productively
  • Manage your work environment
  • Manage your stress & emotions
Keep yourself charged and be confident INTERPERSONAL SKILLS* ; Duration: 10 to 12 hrs. Per session: 1 to 1.5 hrs.(depends on no. of students); Fee:Rs.6,000/-
  • Active listening & effective speaking
  • Non-verbal communication & Business etiquettes
  • Interpersonal behaviour & People skills
  • Conflict resolution & problem solving
  • Reading the non-verbal communication
*admission through test MANAGERIAL SKILLS* ; Duration: 20 hrs./1 month; Per session: 1to 1.5 hrs.(depends on no. of students);Fee : Rs.10,000/-
  • Effective planning / organizational skills
  • Target setting & Time management
  • Decision making & Analysing skills
  • Effective communication & Influencing skills
  • People skills or relationship building skills
  • Problem solving or conflict resolution
  • Leadership & Team management skills
  • Effective delegation & Stress management
  • Emotional intelligence & Motivational skills
* This course is designed only for top/mid/line level managers LEADERSHIP SKILLS* ; Duration: 10-12 hrs. Per session: 1-1.5 hrs. (depends on no. of students) ; Fee: Rs. 6,000/-
  • Being charismatic, empathic & assertive
  • Effective communication, especially in difficult situation
  • Strategic thinking, action planning & organizing skills
  • Decision making, time management & problem solving
  • Understanding, analysing & implementing change
  • Effective team-working, delegating & motivating skills
* This course is designed only for top/mid/line level managers EXECUTIVE COACHING / ONE TO ONE CLASS*: Duration & Fee: Rs. 500 to 1000^ per hr.(depends on the duration of the course) This is a one to one class, which is designed for an individual considering his specific requirement and delivered through in-house or in-class training * any of the above mentioned course / courses can be customized for an individual actually conveyance will be charged for in-company training The IMPACT, ¬†Faridabad is the best institute for Spoken English classes, IELTS training, Speaking courses, Personality development, Interview & GD, Email writing, Presentation , Communication etc. Consistent updating and enhancement of knowledge/skill of your employees can prove the competitive edge to keep your organization way ahead of your rivals. We lay more emphasis on English language skill, Business communication skill, Managerial skills and Leadership skill through highly interactive multimedia led class practice. We always use international teaching resource to improve neutral accent and keep you globally update.           You can join us for the English Speaking courses in Faridabad. For more details, please visit: - English Speaking Courses and Classes in Faridabad - Spoken English Courses and Classes for youngsters in Faridabad - Spoken English Courses and Classes in Faridabad
  • I had problems in IELTS writing but because of techniques taught by Shanta Sir, I got 7 band scale in writing and overall 7.5 band scale . Thanks to Shanta Sir & The IMPACT .

  • I got overall 6.5 in IELTS in 2015 . I had very less time to prepare .So ,I took one to one class and with the tips taught by Shanta Sir in The IMPACT, now I ready to immigrate to Canada.

  • I completed my IELTS with overall band scale of 6.5 because of The IMPACT and teaching methods of Shanta Sir and now I am studying Software Engineering in Australia.

    Abhi,Student in Australia
  • I got overall 7.5 band scale in IELTS and now I am waiting for my visa to migrate to USA .Thanks to the one to one class by Shanta Sir in The IMPACT . He has got required knowledge experience and certifications to give proper guidance.

    Pawan Bhatia General Manager at Accenture
  • I did my IELTS preparation from The IMPACT .Shanta Sir is a certified IELTS trainer and because of his classes and personal guidance. I got overall band scale of 7.5, required for Canada immigration.

    Gaurav Sharma Engineer in Canada