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English Speaking course with The IMPACT

Duration – 2 months /40 hrs. (regular/weekends)               Fee: Rs. 6,000/

This course* is designed for the students who can make some simple sentences and can understand the main points of a conversation but need much more vocabularies to feel more confident about their speaking. The IMPACT provides you with wonderful English environment through the most updated teaching techniques and widely approved learning materials.

At the end of this course you can speak and understand reasonably well and will be able to use basic tenses but have problems with more complex grammars & vocabularies

This course* includes;

  • Engagement of a CELTA certified trainer from Cambridge English
  • Making the opinions/reactions clear
  • Using a prepared questionnaire and making spontaneous follow-up questions
  • Giving detailed accounts of experiences
  • Paraphrasing short written passages orally
  • Giving straight descriptions on a variety of subjects
  • speculating about causes, consequences, hypothetical situations
  • Initiating, maintaining 7 ending discourse with effective turn taking
  • One personality development classes, like, interview, group discussion etc. every week

*admission through a written & oral test 

The IMPACT is the best / leading institute of Spoken English/IELTS/PTE in Faridabad 

The The IMPACT Language Training and Immigration services is a registered partnership company based in Delhi NCR region, jointly owned by Shanta Kumar & Kiran Kumari with registration no:

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