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Spoken English classes with The IMPACT

Duration – 2 months/40  hrs.                                 Fee: Rs. 8,000/

This course* is designed for the students who have a stronger understanding of more specific or concrete topics than previous levels, but they tend to struggle when they are exposed to the situation that demands to express feelings, emotions and understand more complex thoughts. During this course you will be exposed to various such situations which will enable you to handle those situations more efficiently. 

At the end of this course you will be ready to work in an English-speaking setting.

This course* includes;

  • Engagement of a CELTA certified trainer from Cambridge English
  • Exchanging detailed factual information
  • Being engaged in extended conversation
  • Expressing thoughts about abstract and cultural topics
  • Conveying degree of emotions
  • Taking initiative in an interview by expanding and developing ideas
  • Giving opinion on short story/article/topic.
  • Giving presentation and tackling questions
  • Summarizing the plot and sequence of events in an extract from a film/play
  • One personality development class, like interview handling, communication etc. will be given every week

*admission through a written & oral test 

The IMPACT is the best / leading institute of English Speaking / IELTS / PTE

The The IMPACT Language Training and Immigration services is a registered partnership company based in Delhi NCR region, jointly owned by Shanta Kumar & Kiran Kumari with registration no:

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