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Duration: 10 hrs.( including the feedback time, but excluding the time spent on the mock test); This course covers instructional sessions on any 2 modules, 2 sectional mock tests for the 2 chosen modules & 2 complete mock tests with detailed feedbacks 

 Mode of delivery:     ONE to ONE; Fee: Rs. 8,000/-                                                                                                                                               Group (max. 4) : Rs. 5,000/- (individualised feedback; can take up to 14 hrs.)

This course is designed for the candidates who have already appeared the IELTS test but could not have the desired band scale in 1 or 2 modules of the test or,  whose pre-admission test shows the score, less than desired for the candidate in any one/two module, i.e., reading or writing or speaking or listening and want to obtain the desired band-scale.

This course includes;

  • Intensive/extensive coverage of any 1 or 2 modules
  • Exam strategies to handle the chosen sections, based on the performance of the candidate
  • Clearing the doubts regarding the exam
  • 2 + 2 mock tests with extensive feedback to check the progress

SUPER CRASH COURSE: Mode of delivery: ONE to ONE

Duration: 4 hrs.( including the feedback time, but excluding the mock test time )

Fee: 3000/-

This course covers instructional sessions on any one sections, 2 sectional mock tests for that section & 1 complete mock test with detailed feedbacks

# All training are conducted by a CAMBRIDGE CERTIFIED IELTS TRAINER

The IMPACT is the best/leading institute for the classes/courses of IELTS/PTE/ENGLISH SPEAKING/BUSINESS ENGLISH

The The IMPACT Language Training and Immigration services is a registered partnership company based in Delhi NCR region, jointly owned by Shanta Kumar & Kiran Kumari with registration no:

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