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Canada Permanent Resident Visa from India

 Canada is an ideal country to live and work as a permanent resident. Around 300,000 people are able to successfully migrate to Canada with a permanent residency status every year. There are thousands of aspiring immigrants still waiting for their chance to make a fresh start in the multi-cultural country with brilliant opportunities and a plush lifestyle. A PR card is a proof for the permanent residency of the candidate who can live in Canada for an indefinite time and will have to present while re-entering the country after travelling abroad.

Process to apply Permanent Residence in Canada

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offer multiple methods for obtaining the Permanent Resident visa for Indians. An eligible candidate can apply for a Canada PR visa card using the most suitable method from the most popular programs such as Express Entryprovincial Nominee Program or PNPQuebec Skilled Worker, Family Sponsorship etc. Each program has a different process and the candidates must follow each and every step carefully. One should be aware of the rules and regulation that comes with each method as stated by the CIC.

Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) has recently introduced a new program in January 2015 known as the Federal “Express Entry” Program. One of the most favourite programs offered by IRCC is Express Entry Program. This online point-based program nominates Indian and other applicants on points score basis using the factors like age, education, work experience, and adaptability etc. This transparent process made the Canadian immigration much easier than it was.

What are the key Benefits to apply for Canada Permanent Residency Visa

An enormous nation such as Canada, both in terms of territory and economy, offers a plethora of brilliant opportunities and open doors for immigrants from across the world. Permanent residency status comes along with many benefits and rights for the immigrants almost as same as those of native citizens.

Some major benefits of Canada PR visa:

  • Right of permanent residency anywhere in Canada
  • Study and work anywhere in Canada on your PR card
  • Sponsor eligible family members
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship (once become eligible)
  • No tax on income outside Canada
  • Access to subsidized education
  • Social and Family security services
  • Unemployment wages
  • Protection Under Canadian law

a)What a PR visa holder can do: 
Once you have the legal right as a permanent resident of Canada, you can enjoy many of the same benefits those are being enjoyed by the Canadian citizens. As a Canadian Permanent Resident, you have the rights to do:

  • You can avail all the social and economic benefits like other Canadian citizens
  • Live and work anywhere throughout Canada
  • Can become Permanent Resident of Canada
  • Can avail subsidized health-care benefits
  • Will get protected under the law of Canada
  1. b) What a PR Visa Holder cannot do:
  • Vote or run a political office
  • Not allows to do those jobs who required high level of security

In order to get a Canada PR, you need to meet with a certain requirement criteria for applying as a Skilled Worker, International Graduate, and Investor. The requirements have been set by the IRCC and are same for all. It includes:

  • You must be living in home country on a permanent resident status
  • You are not a Canadian citizen
  • Must be present in Canada during the PR process
  • You are not under a removal order

Key documents requirements for Canada PR:-

  • Educational, work experience documents
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Skills Assessment test
  • Language proficiency test (IELTS, PTE etc.)
  • Enough funds to support your application
  • Identity proof
  • Health and character clearance certificate
  • Others documents as per the requirement

 Who can apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

A candidate has to be eligible in order to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency. Every program offered by the Citizenship Immigration Canada has its own set of rules and regulations which are to be followed with utmost care by the candidate. For the point-based systems such as Express Entry and PNP, a candidate is nominated on the basis of their score awarded according to the factors such as age, work experience, language ability and skills while other programs may require certain specifications that the candidate must meet. The eligibility criteria which depends upon person to person, must be checked beforehand in order to apply for the Canadian PR card.

The task of applying and processing has to be done with proper care and consideration and thus it is advisable to get in touch with a Canada PR counselling expert to know your eligibility and for guidance throughout the procedure.

 Easiest ways to apply in Canada permanent residency from India

Canadian Federal government has made it quite easy to obtain a Canada PR visa card in the past few years. An eligible immigrant whose intention of moving to Canada is clear and genuine can easily obtain a resident card with a permanent status.

If you have a dream of getting Canada PR,then this is the right time to know about the methods that are offered by CIC. An eligible skilled worker, international graduate or an investor can apply for Permanent Residency via different available programs. It is not difficult to get a Canada PR visa faster if one has a well-prepared file with complete information regarding the follow-up steps. Some other and easy ways are

(a)Express Entry: Express Entry system is a new and brilliant program excellent for those candidates who have genuine potential to add input to the Canadian economy. A skilled and experienced immigrant can easily get a PR card through Express Entry by scoring high points in the CRS grid. The point score can be checked before applying through Express Entry to find out the suitability of this particular program for a candidate.

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