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US Immigration Programs

The US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), the concerned immigration body, encourages and inspires the world migrants to shift to the nation through its easy-to-follow immigration policies even as it proffers as many as 60 different types of permit programs to facilitate the entry of every kind of migrant. Whether an aspirant is a skilled worker, or an enterprising overseas businessman, or a student keen to pursue studies in the country–or for that matter, a persecuted individual keen to get asylum therein–he can rest assured that he will find a visa category for his specific immigration needs. Here below is given a list of those US permit programs which are both relevant and wide open for the overseas investors, business individuals & trained manpower:

  1. US B-1 and B2 Permits
  2. US H1B, H2B, H3, H4 Permits
  3. US L1 Permit or Intra-company Transfer
  4. US E Permit
  5. US J Permit
  6. US Green Card

US Immigration is wide open to the deserving aspirants from across the world even as Washington DC proffers an array of attractive business & employment opportunities to them. Offering significance to lawful immigration– and safeguarding the integrity of the US immigration arrangement– during 2011, naturalized citizens accounted for 39% of the 39.6 million foreign born living in the country–up from 34% of the 32.1 million immigrants during 2000. During this period, the percentage of the legal permanent residents among the overseas-born population decreased from 37% in 2000 to 31% 2011.

Among the key contributors of migrants to the US, India Mexico, the Philippines & China lead the chart even as the US provides over 60 types of non-permanent (non-immigrants) permit schemes. The US Green Cards, through which the visa candidates acquire the prized permanent residence status in the country, are the most sought after visa program by the worldwide migrants. In short, the US is the most preferred immigration destination from the perspectives of quality of life, business & job opportunities.


The United States of America (USA) is, perhaps, the most renowned immigration destination in the world, rightfully so. A federal republic comprising of 50 states & 1 federal district, the US is the ‘Land of Endless Promises’ and the ‘Place Where the Sun Never Sets’.

This North American country is a land of unbelievable cities,
beautiful alpine lakes, colossal coast redwoods, rolling vineyards, and desolate deserts & enormous coastline of unrivaled glory. New York (the Big Apple), Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Boston…all are thriving and colorful multicultural world cities and well-known for their amazing and interesting blends of ethnicity, food, & entertainment.

Immigration to the US has been the main reason behind its population growth, cultural diversity & economic growth throughout the nation’s long but impressive history. Migrants to the country arrive from practically every corner of the world even while they have made handsome contributions, and been pivotal in developing a great, developed and arguably the globe’s most dominating country. However, the economical, political & social features of migration have given birth to heated debate regarding ethnicity, financial benefits, and employment for the local people, besides settlement prototypes.

US Population & Geography

Boasting of an excellent multicultural society and nurturing nearly every ethnic populace from across the globe, the country is home to 308,745,538 people and spread over 9.83 sq. km of area. Washington D.C. is the capital city even while famed as the World’s Finance City; the New York City is the biggest in terms of land area and population.

Further, the nation is the permanent member of the UN Security Council, G20 and G8, and presently regarded–post the disintegration of the former USSR–the lone super power of the world, thanks to its unmatched military might, wealth, quality of life, per capita income, superiority of its culture and food habits, etc.

US Living & Culture

As mentioned elsewhere, the US is a multicultural country even as one can easily find people from every corner of the world living in perfect harmony with each other and enjoying each other’s unique culture, food habits, language differences, living styles, etc.

New York, California, Denver, Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco… every American city dazzles the world. The New York City especially is famed as the world’s cultural city and has noteworthy influence on the international trade, economy, art, media, fashion, education, amusement & entertainment, technical & non-technical research & machinery.

US Economy

The US is regarded the most influential global economy even as its currency, the US dollar, is employed as the global currency. Courtesy the fact that it’s a capitalist mixed economy, and boasts of mammoth natural resources, the national economy has a crucial role and influence on the global economy.

Furthermore, With a GDP of over 14.99 trillion USD (2011), it is the biggest importer of goods, and also the third biggest exporter in the world. Industrialization, manufacturing & service sectors are the chief contributors to the national economy. The overseas investors and/or business immigrants find themselves in positive situation by launching a firm in the country and sharing the massive success & the insignificant chances of business breakdown therein.

US Employment & Working Opportunities

The nation offers a glut of attractive and well-paying job opportunities and the best of the working conditions, besides competitive salaries to those who could be skilled and keen to benefit from the nation’s pro-migrant visa and immigration policies—especially tailored for trained and talents skilled workers.

No wonder, qualified manpower from throughout the globe aspire to get employed in the country even while some of the famed world’s largest service & manufacturing industries create the greatest number of employment opportunities in the country, in the process, accommodating both the natives and the aliens. Finding an employment opportunity in the country is usually not an uphill task for those whose skill may be demand in the country.

US Immigration Visa Assistance

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