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PTE, Pearson Test of English, is a computer based English language test aimed to assess the English language skills of the candidates aiming to study abroad. The basic modules covered in this test are- reading, writing, listening and speaking. The whole test is completed in a single session which lasts for about 3 hours and The speaking of the candidate is done at the computer, in which your voice is recorded and then sent for marking. The biggest advantage of PTE test is, that you can easily get your nearest test date and you can get your result very quickly, just in about 5 days.

Our approach:

  • We begin with a pre admission test online/offline to assess your current score
  • Based on the performance you get enrolled in the most suitable course
  • Adequate amount of  online/offline practicing materials
  • Regular mock tests to check your progress during the course
  • You can get 1 to 10 complete mock tests ; depends on the course choice
  • One to one feedback for the written and the speaking section
  • Our trainings are conducted by CAMBRIDGE CERTIFIED Language expert
  • We provide only one to one classes to cater to the specific needs of the candidate


PART 1: Speaking &Writing (77 – 93 minutes) In this part, you will be required to summarize passages, respond to questions and repeat sentences. There are two sections, which are- Speaking Section 1 and Speaking Section 2. The Speaking Section 1 contains personal introduction and speaking section 2 contains a number of items where you will be required to listen to an audio and then respond into the microphone. The various sections covered in the speaking and writing module include- Personal Introduction, Read aloud, Repeat sentence, Describe images, Re-tell lecture, Answer short questions, One sentence writing, Paragraph writing, Essay writing.

PART 2: Reading (32 – 41 minutes) In this part, you are required to read some short passages and to answer the following types of questions based on the passage; Multiple choice questions, Re-order paragraphs, Fill in the blanks

You can take an optional break of 10 minutes at this stage

PART 3: Listening (45 – 57 minutes) In this part, you will get questions based on the video and audio clips that will begin automatically. You will be required to hear each audio or video clip only once. You can take notes. The various types of questions that you will get in the listening section are- Summarize spoken text, Multiple choice questions, Fill the blanks, Highlight the correct summary, Select missing word, Highlight incorrect words, Write from dictation

Do you want to register for PTE test ? There are two easy steps. Firstly, you have to create your account. To book PTE academic test, you must create a Pearson account. Then, you will receive an email within 24 hours which will provide you your login details. Then, you can sign-in to the Pearson account, using your login details and schedule your test. You will be required to provide an acceptable ID (usually a passport). If you do not provide your required ID, you will not be allowed to sit in the examination and you will lose your examination fees.

Acceptance of PTE score PTE Scores are recognized by more than 80% of the universities and colleges in the UK, US and Australia. PTE academic is approved by the UK border Agency (UKBA) for Tier 4 student visa applications. The PTE scores are also accepted by more than 400 leading business schools and is one of the English language tests preferred and endorsed by GMAC.

Benefits of taking PTE test? • The registration of the PTE test can be done within 48 hours before the session of the test. • You can easily see your PTE scores typically within 5 business days • Numerous prestigious colleges and institutions like Yale, Harvard and Stanford recognize PTE scores • The PTE test centres are available in more than 12 cities in India • The registration of the test can be done online or through a telephone. You can schedule the test using a flexible “Choose and Book” system.

PTE scores & Validity You can see your PTE Scores by signing-in to your Pearson account. you can click on the “View Score Report” to see the scores you have received for each test. If more than 5 days have passed and you still not have received your PTE scores, then check your junk or spam folder. In case your scores are on hold, the authorities will send you an email highlighting the reasons about the same. If you did not receive an email, you can send an email to the authorities to request about the same. The PTE scores are available for 2 years.

Re-evaluation? If you are not happy with your PTE scores, you can request for re-evaluation. But before you do this, you should keep in mind that PTE scores are automatically rescored, so there are minimal chances that your overall scores would change. Only open ended written responses as well as spoken responses would be re-scored. If your scores change, your previous scores would automatically be replaced.

PTE scores: Interpretation The PTE scores are based on scoring system which is based on complex algorithms. The PTE scores are scored against the Global Scale of English which gives you an accurate overview of the scores based on your performance on the scale of 10-90. You will get overall English score as well as scores for individual enabling skills as well as English sub skills. In your PTE academic score report, you will get overall scores, speaking scores, listening scores, reading scores, writing scores, grammar scores, spelling scores, oral fluency scores, vocabulary scores and written discourse scores.

Purpose based required scores You need at least 36 scores for UKBA tier 4 if you want to study on a course below degree level. For above degree level, you need at least 51 scores for UKBA tier 4 students. For degree level or above at a UK Higher Education institution minimum scores required for undergraduate studies are between 51 and 61. For postgraduate studies, the minimum scores required are between 57 and 67 and for MBA studies, the scores should lie between 59 and 69.

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