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Duration: 6 hrs.( including feedback time, but excluding the time spent on the mock test)

 Fee:     ONE to ONE: Rs. 8,000/-,                                                                                                                                                        Group (max. 4): Rs. 4,000/- (individualised feedback; can go up to 10 hrs.)

This package covers 2 sectional  & 2 complete exam like online mock tests with detailed feedbacks

This course is designed for the candidates who has already attempted the tests but failed to achieve the desired scores in one or two modules. This course begins with on online real test like mock tests for the related one or two modules followed by instructions and guidance to improve through instructional sessions. Then, to check the progress two more mock tests for the same one or two sections, again followed by instructions to improve after each mock test. Finally, there will be one completely scored exam like online mock test.

This course includes; 

  • 2 completely scored exam like online mock test with detailed feedback
  • 2 sectional mock tests for the chosen two modules with detailed feedback feedback
  • 6- 10 hrs. Instructional sessions including the detailed feedback and guidance to improve in the chosen 2 modules
  • Exam strategies to handle the modules based on the performance of the candidate
  • Clearing the doubts regarding the exam
  • Study materials for the related one or two modules, if required

SUPER CRASH COURSE;  Mode of delivery: ONE to ONE   

Fee: Rs. 3000/-,  Time: 3-4 hrs.(including the feedback time, but excluding the mock test time)

This course covers instructional sessions of 3 to 4 hrs. including 2 sectional mock tests for 1 chosen module & 1 complete exam like online mock test with score and detailed feedbacks  

*All Training is conducted by CAMBRIDGE CERTIFIED language expert 

The IMPACT  is the best/leading institute for IELTS/PTE/English Speaking/Professional English in Faridabad                                                   

The The IMPACT Language Training and Immigration services is a registered partnership company based in Delhi NCR region, jointly owned by Shanta Kumar & Kiran Kumari with registration no:

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